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The Montgomery Business Improvement Area (BIA) was formed in 2011 and represents over 115 businesses.  As one of Calgary's 15 BIA's, our mandate is to beautify, improve and promote our business community. 

Our members are volunteers made up of Business and Landowners (or both) who give of their time to work on behalf of our BIA members.

The board is nominated at the Annual General Mtg and approved by the City of Calgary at the start of each year.  Our board members serve a two year term.

The board meets regularly to discuss goals for the upcoming year - capital projects, events, focus for the year and promotion of Montgomery's business areas.



But "What is a BIA?"

A Business Improvement Area is an association of local business owners that join together in a specific area to work together on local improvements. To create a thriving business district - one that is safe for employees and visitors, that attracts new businesses and is inviting and accessible to all.

So what does that really mean and what do we really do?

Scroll down to see some of the work we have done and continue to focus on:

montgomeryBIA_ CaydencePhotography-18.jpg
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WHat we do

Some of our favorite projects involve the beautification of Montgomery's business community

In 2019 we started our park and planter project which provides seasonal flowers throughout the Bowness Road/Montgomery Way Corridor.

Through grant and levy funding, new community banners were created to bring vibrancy to the newly installed light standards.  Working with artist Racheal Meckling - seasonal creatives were designed to represent the community we work and play in - the people of Montgomery, and the wildlife that surrounds us and improvements like the new bike paths through our area.

Fun projects with local businesses such as "Mini Montgomery Bird Businesses" bring whimsy and colour to our walkways.

We work on safety and crime prevention measures.  Implementation of our Montgomery Business Watch program in 2023 to help discourage crime related issues.

Our grafitti abatement program has been in place since our inception and continues to remove tagging as quickly as it is reported.

Light Up Montgomery is an annual event that began in 2018.  Hosted the last Saturday in November - we light up Montgomery Town Square and recently added three blocks of lights along the Bowness Road Corridor.  It continues to grow and includes events with blow up curling, glow in the dark cornhole, fire pits with smores and hot chocolates, entertainment and special visitors. 

A free event for everyone to enjoy!

Check back as we are planning a new event in June - its a surprise!

We work in partnership with the City of Calgary, provincial and federal government to provide information to our members issues and concerns, help with grant applications and permitting processes.  We also bring forward concerns regarding parking and safety issues to find remedies so our supports, both local and visiting, can enjoy all things Montgomery.

Where are we
Whats going on & whats great?

We are located in the northwest quadrant of Calgary along the Bow River and 16th Avenue.  Our business community can be found along 16th Avenue and  Bowness Road/Montgomery Way - we have great access via pedestrian and bike paths, and if you're driving, our parking is free!

We are filled with all types of restaurants - from breakfast to fine dining, pubs and taphouses, tasty treats and specialty shops, health & wellness services, beauty and spas, home design, groceries and flowershops.


Whew! theres even more

Our pet services are just as great - daycares and spa services, veterinary care and specialty baked goodies for our four legged family members as well.

We have bike and skate shops, and services to teach you how, rentals to float the river and equipment to cruise in the snow.  

Auto services to keep you safe heading to work or heading to the mountains.  

And look forward to seeing you all visit us soon.


Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 12.33.16 PM.png


 Discover one of Calgary's best kept secrets - an up and coming neighbourhood nestled along the Bow River in the inner-city - and a strategic location choice for any up and coming business.

Located in the N.W. quadrant in one of the most desirable locations in the City of Calgary, Montgomery retains many of its small-town charms.  It boasts a highly walkable environment, a mixture of commercial, residential, and recreation amenities in close proximity, and a closely-knit community of residents and businesses. Currently experiencing a housing boom (Montgomery was among Calgary’s top ten communities for new infill developments in 2011-2012), the community has also enjoyed quality commercial and mixed-use commercial/residential mix developments over the past three years.

With 115 existing businesses, restaurants, shops and health and professional services, Montgomery is a self-contained community, with access to most day-to-day necessities within walking distance.  It is also only a few minutes drive to downtown Calgary to the east, and an escape from the city to the west.  Its close proximity to major educational and employment centers is particularly attractive to professionals and students.  The community borders Market Mall to the north and the University of Calgary, Alberta’s Children Hospital and Foothills Hospital to the east.

The two important commuter corridors of Memorial Drive-Bowness Road and 16 Ave N.W. - TransCanada Highway travel through Montgomery only two blocks apart. The area is well served by a number of bus routes including an express route to the downtown core.

Montgomery’s population of approximately 3,600 is diverse, containing a mixture of long-time and new residents, with the proportion of 20-34 year olds in Montgomery higher than the City of Calgary average.   Immediately surrounding communities include Varsity to the north, Bowness to the west and Parkdale to the east, housing approximately 25,000 addition
al  25,000 residents.


Montgomery was named by Avenue Magazine as one of the

Top Ten Communities with Strongest Potential for Good Resale.

Avenue's survey asked respondents to tell us if their neighbourhood has high property value. Answers were given on a scale of one (do not agree at all) to seven (agree completely). All responses were compiled to create this list.

1. Montgomery

2. Mayland Heights

 3. Thorncliffe

4. Bowness

 5. Mount Pleasant

6. Britannia

 7. Canyon Meadows

 8. Ramsay

9. Oakridge

10. Lake Bonavista


Montgomery Quick Statistics

  • Population 2016- 3,975 residents  (2016)

  • Current number of businesses: 115

  • Residential Housing  - Among Calgary’s top ten communities for new infill developments in 2011-2012

  • Surrounding Communities - Varsity (12,021 residents, 2011), Bowness (10,700 residents, 2011), Parkdale (2,317 residents, 2011)

  • Public Transit - Route 1 (Bowness/Forest Lawn), Route 305 -BRT (Bowness/17th Avenue S.E.), Route 10 (Dalhousie/Southcentre), Route 40 (Crowfoot/North Hill), Route 407 (Greenwood/Brentwood), Route 408 (Valley Ridge)

  • 7km (11 minutes) to to Downtown

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